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So many benefits when it comes to  PEELS!

Peels can help reduce acne and mild acne scars, brighten and smooth skin texture, treat deeper scars, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.​ Stronger peels can address severe sun damage, scars and wrinkles.

Natural Beauty

Chemical Peel

Countless benefits of chemical peels:

  • Fine Lines

  • Facial peels may drastically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines leaving skin smooth.

  • Sun Damage

    UV rays not only affect our skin in ways we can't see, but they can also leave very visible issues that skin peels help make less noticeable.

  • Blackheads

    Chemical peels can be very effective in removing and minimizing excess, stubborn blackheads by penetrating clogged follicles.

  • Clogged Pores

    Chemical peels effectively remove dead skin that clogs & contributes to large sized pores that turn into blackheads & whiteheads.

  • Acne Marks

    Skin peels can dramatically improve red, pus filled acne blemishes and improve the appearance of mild acne scars.


  • Age Spots

    Various strength skin peels commonly result in a marked improvement of dark skin discoloration commonly referred to as age spots.

  • Hyperpigmentation

    Chemical peels, especially AHA & Vitamin C peels can reduce discoloration, freckles & large dark spots leaving skin radiant.

  • Uneven Skin

    Chemical peels improve overall skin texture and remove debris from the skin's surface resulting in a softer & smoother feel.


SkinMedica®             25 min | $150+

TCA by PCA Peel     25 min | $135

PRX T33 by WiQo  25 min | $250
BioRePeel                 25 min | $250
Perfect Peel             25 min | $350
Gentle Peel               25min  | $150+ 


Herbal Green Peel

  • Classic 60 min | $450

This is the "classic" among the GREEN PEEL® peeling treatments. After a thorough evaluation, the Herbal Peeling mixture is intensively massaged into the skin. Blood circulation is increased, the supply of oxygen and nutrition is improved and skin renewal is stimulated.

  • Energy 50 min | $180

This treatment with natural herbs noticeably provides energy. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and thus leads to a natural improvement of the skin texture without any peeling effect. GREEN PEEL® Energy provides your skin with the natural energy it needs to renew the cells. It helps to reduce age-related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders. 

  • Fresh-Up 45 min | $145

With this method, there is also no peeling effect. Instead, the skin is stimulated and refreshed with natural herbs. Blood circulation is stimulated, pores open and the skin is now able to optimally absorb the ingredients of the subsequent skin care. The complexion appears brighter and fresher. 


Retinol 4% Peel

4% Pure Retinol Peel The retinoid treatment creates mild occlusion to enhance the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants, and rich active ingredients into the skin for maximum benefits. This treatment is highly effective for lifting pigmentation, reducing impaction in acne skin, and treating aging skin with a naturally slow cell turnover cycle.



25 min | $300

Glowing Skin Guarantee

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