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Christopher Brown 06/2019
Angela Savina of Savva Skin Care in Burbank is a skin care GOD! My wife is a veteran of skin care treatment, since she has challenges with her skin due to allergies and her skin type. So If she makes a recommendation for top notch skin care -- I'm taking it. I came in two weeks before my wedding because I wanted our pictures to be as best they could be. I had a blemish on my forehead that I always wondered if it could be removed or improved. Angela did a quick diagnosis and told me it could be improved quite a bit. She gave me the full treatment from start to finish and answered all my questions. It turns out the "improvement" she mentioned was 85%. I was thinking maybe 30% at best! She took the time to educate me on my skin type and how to take care of my skin going forward. Especially since I had some sun exposure issues that needed treatment. Her product insights steered me toward the best bang for my buck-- not for a huge sale.

McKenzie 2/9/2020
Making a same day appointment here was so easy and I was so pleased with the results. I'll definitely be going again for any sugaring needs and I'll probably tryout a facial soon as well!


Agnes S. 9/23/2019
It's my 2x visit to Angela and again I feel absolutely renewed in my skin. The 1st time I had a classic facial, which was amazing and this time I tried the Silk peel dermal Infusion, which exfoliates your skin and at the same time Infuses the skin with serum. My skin feels like a fresh born baby! I absolutely love it. Angela is fantastic, she puts a lot of care Into the treatment and always makes sure, you feel comfortable and all her products smell heavenly. 
It's a very relaxing and calming room. 
Can't wait to go back!

Nancy M.10/7/2019

Angela is amazing. I've had regular facials since my 20s (and I'm now in my 60s) and she provides the best service I have EVER had, which includes facials at top spas around the world.  She is extremely knowledgable, keeps current on what is new in skin care, and uses only the best quality products.  And the facials! Oh my, she is gentle and professional and gives the best massages.  Since I've been coming to her, my friends ask me if I've had surgical work done on my face.  I tell them, "Nope, it's all Angela!!"  I feel so lucky to have found her.

Katie L  2/19/2019

Just had my first facial with Angela and she was amazing. So relaxing and everything felt so good on my skin. Afterwards my skin felt like it was breathing! So wonderful! Highly recommend!

Sintia S 7/24/2018

I don't know if this woman is an esthetician or a magician! She has hands of GOLD! i have been to her a few times already for different treatments and each and everyone of the treatments have been beyond amazing. My skin is left smooth for a good couple of weeks. Angela is truly amazing at her job and she is super professional. One thing i really care about is how neat and clean someone in her profession is and I have to say hands down her place is super super clean and spotless. Her prices are very reasonable and she truly cares about her clients and treats everyone's skin like her own. I guarantee she will make your skin feel as smooth as a baby's buttt.

Karen B

Had to sneak in for a wax before vacation and couldn't have been happier. The sugaring was painless and thorough. Angela was a great esthetician!!

Jazelle P.

From my first facial appt with Angela, she became my go to, i will never let anyone else handle my skin again. She is so knowledgeable, thorough and incredible in her practice and actually cares about getting my skin flawless. I've struggled with my skin so much in the past couple years and have tried everything and everyone under the sun and she is the only one to make a significant difference in the health and appearance of my face. I will always return to her and strongly recommend you go to her as well, if your reading this ! She's the fucking best !

Lucy I

I have visited Angela 3 times already. First session was a classic facial and the two after included the green peel facial. I have never felt so confident in my skin in all these years. She is very knowledgable and knows exactly what your face needs. You know that clear and soft you always envisioned? Well, that is what you get. I am so glad I have found her... forever a customer.

Nev M.

Angela is not only the best when it comes to skincare but unbelievably kind and generous as well.  I have been going to her for over a year now and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better.  Her prices are beyond reasonable especially given her level of expertise and quality of the products and equipment she uses.  I highly recommend the Silkpeel & microcurrent facials.

Rebekah D

She is the best, she makes you feel very comfortable . Also takes out in grown hair for ya 
Most importantly she works on schedule so, BE ON TIME !


Lauren W. 8/9/2017

I always get my brazilians done here. Angela is the best! She does an impeccable job, making everything perfectly smooth after. She is polite, efficient and professional. I highly recommend!

Hay B 8/1/2017

I have been going to Angela for years. She is the best... I'm 45 yrs. old and everyone asks me if I am 37.  Her silk peal is unbelievable, my absolute favorite. But what I love the most is that this woman is the level of her cleanliness. Once I was a bit early and saw her disinfecting the door knobs. Her knowledge and advice has always been very useful and helpful to me. Thank you Angela for taking care of my face all these years.

Chanhan 7/6/2017

Thank you Angela for taking care of my skin and making me feel pretty. You are doing an amazing work, always feel younger and happy after visit you every month.


Love Angela - she is a miracle worker! Went to see her for an extensive treatment with various machines and such and my lines truly started to smooth after just 1 visit. Definitely coming back to see her on the regular and I am grateful to have found an esthetician who cares as much about my skin as I do.


I had facial treatment with Angela today.  OMG, She is SO AMAZING and super nice person.  She's very passionate with her job and knows skin type.   She has such a gentle touch and I love to have facial treatment with you.  I live in Oregon but always have to come see Angela every other month.   I highly recommend anyone who is looking for esthetician in Burkbank area.  Give her a call and try it out.   Angela is the BEST!


"OMG!!! THIS LADY IS AMAZING!!! She made a miracle with my face! She left my face glowing I still have some scars, but I am going to follow her green peel treatment. She cleaned my face so... good my first facial ever and it was the best expirience." - Juana H.



"I have been meaning to write this review! Angela was amazing! She gave me a wonderful experience. Her room is very cozy and the table is extremely comfortable. Her technique is exactly the way I had hoped, gentle and soothing, but gets in there deep during extraction! Her products used were wonderful. She is also a very sweet person and makes you feel beautiful.  I would highly recommend Angela!!" - Anika M.



"Angela is an Angel! I was browsing for an esthetician on Yelp that's around my area and I found her page to have very good reviews. So I decided to call Saturday noon to make an appointment for my brother and I. She booked me for 8:30a.m., Monday (President's Day) since I wanted something SOON and in the morning. Keep in mind that she opens at 9a.m., so that was very accommodating. When I got there she immediately greeted me with a big smile, asked me to fill out an information sheet and once done to get into the robe. The room was very clean and cozy. It was very quite and she had relaxing music playing in the background which almost made me fall asleep. She started the facial explaining the whole process in detail and also gave me plenty of information/tips on how to care for my skin. She's very honest, knowledgable and does not try to push any products on you. The prices are very reasonable! I felt a good energy throughout the whole entire process. Thank you Angela for a wonderful experience. I will see you again soon!"

-Blanca M.



"This woman is absolutely amazing! First of all, she's so sweet and kind and very informative. She doesn't treat you like you're just another customer. This was my first time sugar waxing and she made it such a pleasant experience. You can tell she's very dedicated and takes her work very serious. I'm so happy I finally found someone I can go to regularly." -Raye B.



1 check-in

One word, THOROUGH. Actually, more than one word...professional, clean, friendly, comfortable, but oh so thorough. I highly recommend Angela for Brazilian sugaring. Will be heading back for a facial soon! Awesome find. Love love love!!! -Jillers J.


Nilton N.2/13/16

"I appreciate the great work Angela does, the outcome is amazing! My skin looks renewed, younger ...just amazing. Really! Anyone who try Angela's facial will understand what I am talking about. Please try!"


New 1/29/16

"Angela makes you feel very comfortable and is obviously extremely experienced and skilled. Best hair removal experience of my life--doesn't get any better! "


Anika M.1/18/16

"Amazing work! Great products and very relaxing environment"


Abby 1/18/16

"Anzhela was a great find for me and I will be back! She answered all my questions about Sugaring as it was my first time experiencing it. The environment was very relaxing with convenient free parking! Service was calm, clean and efficient! Excited to come back :)"


Yeva 1/17/16

"The best facial I've had in a long time! Definitely recommending Anzhela's services to all of my family and friend."


Kawana A.11/08/15

"Best experience! Best facial ever! I already see the results. My skin feels and looks amazing! Thank you Anzhela!"


Vicky G.10/21/15

"Her over all attitude & professionalism was great !"


Serina V.10/13/15

"Anzhela has great suggestions for MY skin, and personally tries everything before recommending anything. She has helped me develop a regimen for my skin type and my concerns that has been the first successful routine in my whole life. Her treatments WORK. She's the best thing that has ever happened to my skin. A sweet person, with skin solutions. "


Juanita H.9/16/15

"Very professional and my skin looks great!! Thank you. "


Diane 9/14/15

"Amazing, knowledgable, incredibly sweet."


Maggie O.9/03/15

"Angela explains to you in detail exactly the process and what is being done. If it's your first time sugaring she's very patient and comforting. After you go with her, you will NOT go to anybody else, Angela is clearly the best!!"


Nicole T.8/28/15

"Angela makes a very awkward and painful experience as good as it can get. She is nice and welcoming. The place was clean and she got down to business while walking me through each step. I was a first timer and had no idea what I was in for. I can't compare it to other places but I will say that my skin didn't rash or anything. I did have a few stragglers when I came home to take a closer look. But I'm satisfied even thought it was painful... it was like a euphoric pain. But I apparently am very sensitive and I'm sure the rest of the salon could hear me screaming but all and all it was a fun experience and I would for sure recommend Angela to a friend who is looking to be on a BFF level in a matter of minutes. Thanks Angela! :D "


Ryan A.8/13/15

"She very professional and clean! She makes you feel very comfortable and she's very thorough but will have you out quickly. You can tell she takes pride in her work. I'm grateful my girlfriends recommended me to her and I'll never think about going to someone else again."


Dora S.7/19/15

"Angela is always available for my needs. She knows what she does by explaining precedures and the benefits. I definitely will see her again and highly recommend her to everyone!!"


Magy 7/13/15

"Anzhela is AMAZING! She is very professional and patient. She was constantly telling me to breathe to make it easier and less painful on me. Her place is cozy and extremely CLEAN! I will definitely be back, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


Mila M.7/06/15

"She is professional, I can trust her. Really nice and good personality. My best skin care technical. "


Kathy 6/28/15

"Anzhela was extremely polity and professional, the environment was relaxing and very clean. The over all experience was an amazing first experience. Thank you!"


Angela G.5/25/15

"I knew I would like Angela before I even met her because she sent me a friendly text message reminder the night before my appointment. She is extremely professional while also maintaining a warm personality. I have never had sugaring done before and she made me feel totally comfortable. I will definitely return and tell all of my friends to check her out! "


Elizabeth 5/25/15

"I am so thankful to Anjela!!! She did a facial for me today. It was great and detailed work!! Thank you, will definitely come back!!!"


Angela 5/22/15

"Makes you feel very comfortable and does an outstanding job! She's very nice and attends to all your needs. Most definitely recommending her to all of my girls. "


Anna 5/18/15

"Anzhela has became a wonderful friend to me besides the fact that she is a great specialist. She did full legs, bikini and under arms sugering and I can tell it's very good. i do it once a month and the results are outstanding. With each time hair grows less and less and much thinner. She is doing very clean work, keeps the hygiene, and uses very good and healthy products. I absolutely recommend her to anyone!! Love her work!!! Thank you Anzhela"

Tomia L.5/11/15

"Love her work! My skin is always glowing and been clear since I started going to her. Thank you Anzhela!!!!"


Nanci B.5/04/15

"Very kind and gentle, plus super knowledgeable. "


Ryana 3/23/15

"Very friendly and honest skin assessment! "


Katrin 3/03/15



Shyla 2/20/15

"Anzhela!!!!!!!!! That's all I can say...and trust me I'm very picky. She is amazing and professional and knowledgable. If I had enough money, I'd see her at least once a week!"


Lauren A.2/15/15

"Great facial!"


Alicia S.1/12/15

"She was very caring and careful. I love that she scrubbed out all my pores look great.  "


Justine S.12/30/14

"Angela is the most precise, carring, gentle, most thorough skin therapist I have everrrrrr work with! I LOVE HER!!!! You must try her oxygen facial too!! :)  "


Andrea S.9/04/14

"This is not a pain-free procedure, I had it done before and that is how this goes. But she was awesome in her support, told me not to give up and now I am so happy. She really does a wonderful job. I will also go for other services. "


Pam H.11/23/13

"Angela is so professional. She is always up to date on new services and products."


Ou S.9/25/13

"I love getting my facial from Angela. She has an amazing touch and know all about skin types. I Love the products as well 

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